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Cleaning Blade

Copier blade is an important part of the copier, its main role is to clean, there are three kinds of blade in the copier, one is to clean the toner drum blade, one is to clean the fusing roller blade. another one is transfer blade.


In copier copy process, the image is formed on the toner in the drums, and then transfer to the copy paper, the process will be a part of the toner in drums, if this part is not clear, when I was in the copy will transfer to the next copy paper, above will affect the next copy effect and quality, then you need to have a device in the copier Clean the toner remaining on the toner cartridge after printing a sheet. This device is called the blade. The quality of a blade is very important, it directly determines the quality of the copy and toner drum service life. Judge the quality of the blade is mainly from its material, hardness, smoothness of these three aspects to decide, a good blade material looks like appearance is translucent, white color with yellow; Hardness is moderate; Smooth without distortion.


The transfer clean blade is supported with the movement of the tensioning roller to remove the residual toner left on the surface of the intermediate transfer belt after the completion of the second transfer. If the tension of the middle transfer belt is constant, the tensioning roller moves, the cleaning scraper also moves accordingly, therefore, the cleaning blade and the middle transfer belt surface always maintain the same state of contact, thus reliably realize the cleaning of the middle transfer belt.


The photocopy of the photocopier is finally fenced at a high temperature of about 180 degrees and under a certain pressure. In this process, a small amount of toner is attached to the fector roller, and the cleaning of these adherents is accomplished by cleaning the blade of the fector roller. The quality of the roller blade is mainly material, to withstand high temperature.

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